Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I am here to make it the best with amazing breakfast bowl ideas!

At Breakfast Bowls you will find simple recipes made with basic kitchen utensils.

I am not exaggerating when I say that, when I started this site, I only owned one small pot, one big pot (which I mostly used to water the plants), one small pan, two cooking knives, one chopping board, one basic blender, some bowls, less than six forks and about 10 spoons, big and small. 50 recipes later I still owned the same.

Hi there!

Mar Pages

My name is Mar and I started this website because I wanted to turn my simple “coffee with milks” breakfasts into conscious and healthy bowls that would kick start the day in the best way possible.

As an ex-consultant, Googler and luxury travel blogger, I used to spend a lot of time on the road (I have visited 120 countries!) and always eat out, and I realised the impact this had on my health.

Here you will find easy recipes that are healthy, devoid of thick dressings or lots of added sugar, I have a sweet tooth but only for ice cream, chocolate, cookies and some cakes, and I do not want my breakfast to be unnecessarily sweet.

I can also assure that you don’t need professional grade kitchenware to prepare amazing bowls, you don’t even need experience in the kitchen, let me hold your hand to brighter days!

Why breakfast bowls?

Because they are the perfect way to start the day full of energy, goodness and flavor, so you can give every day the best of you.

I mean, look at these amazing combos!

Here you will find sweet and savory recipes, some using fruits and others made with vegetables. There are pulses, grains and seeds too and lots of vegan and vegetarian options, although I am neither.

Almost all the recipes will yield enough for one person, because I live alone, and are practically fool-prove, because I am not a chef or a professional.

You won’t need fancy equipment or the ability to master complicated cooking techniques. My blender cost $50 and I found DIY alternatives to needing specific kits for some of the cuisines.

Recipes are possible year round. Most fresh ingredients are easily found fresh, frozen or in powder form.

What do you need to replicate these amazing breakfast bowls?

A bit of curiosity.

Every wondered where chocolate comes from or which berry is the best? Did you know who discovered quinoa or barley?

I am a very curious person, this is why I love traveling, so every recipe will teach you something about the ingredients.

Knowledge is power and why not keep your mind entertained as you blend those bright green spinach leaves?

Get ready to whip out fabulous breakfast bowls that will have you looking forward to getting out of bed every morning!

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